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Self Care Isn't Selfish -  It's A Priority!

April Williams

Licensed Cosmetologist

Licensed Esthetician

Certified in Ultrasonic Cavitation

Certified in Radio Frequency


Natural Hair Specialist

Owner/Creator Of:

TATT Your Nails

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Products

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon

A Perfect 10 Self Care Studio

April's entrepreneural journey began in 2011 when she began researching product ingredients, and realized that a lot of products marketed for "natural hair and skin care" are full of harsh chemicals that are bad for our hair, skin, and our nails. On top of that, many people may be sensitive to strong fragrances or artificial fragrances, which causes skin and scalp irritation. By researching essential oils, butters, humectants, emollients, and vitamins; April created her first product. The thought of selling, or marketing her products never crossed her mind at the time... 

One random day while talking to her Grandmother, she began telling her about the product she used on both her and her daughter's hair. April's Grandmother suggested that she sell it to other naturals. She also gave April ideas for other products to create. That would unfortunately end up being one of the last conversations they would ever have. April began doing more research and created more products. In doing so, she realized that all she needed was a combination of 10 key ingredients or less to ensure that our hair was soft, manageable, and properly moisturized, our skin can thrive, and our nails can remain healthy. Hence the name, A Perfect 10. A for her name (April), and the "Perfect" blend of 10 ingredients or less! She then launched her product line as a birthday gift to herself, and in honor of her Grandmother in April of 2013. Hopefully April's products have lived up to her grandmother's expectations.

From the success of her products, April decided to revisit her dream of one day owning her own hair salon. Since healthy natural hair was already her focus, She decided that she wanted to open a salon that specifically catered to clients with natural hair. April wanted to focus on healthy hair care, and help her clients create healthy hair regimens naturally. 

In 2021, April decided to expand her natural journey to skin care. She then made the choice to become a Licensed Esthetician to gain more knowledge about the overall health of skin. In 2022 A Perfect 10 Self Care Studio LLC was born... Now April focuses more on the overall health of her client's hair, skin, and nails. Still keeping her businesses as natural as possible. 

A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Products are available for purchase. From Deep Conditioners, HOT Oil Treatments, Leave-In Conditioners and Growth Oils... All 100% Natral!

TATT Your Nails Press-On Nails are available for purchase. These are customizable to your unique style and are safe for your nails because they eliminate the harsh direct contact from acrylic use on your natural nail bed. 

A Perfect 10 Self Care Studio LLC focuses on full body waxing and body sculpting the natural way. Too many women are dying "on the table" trying to acheive the latest look... Body Contouring is the safest way to get to those body goals without going under the knife. 

Now Serving The Colorado Springs Area!