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Just Be A Perfect 10 - No Lye!

About A Perfect 10 Natural Hair

April Williams is a licensed cosmetologist, the creator of A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Products and owner of A Perfect 10 Natural Hair Salon. April made the decision to stop relaxing her hair in 2011. April's motivation was her daughter Tiyonah (age 7 at the time). Tiyonah began requesting a relaxer so that her hair can be "nice and smooth" just like her mommy's. Because April began receiving relaxers by her mother when she was that age, April gave in and applied the chemical to Tiyonah's hair. Needless to say, it was the worst decision for her hair. It made it very thin, and her scalp was very sensitive. That is when April made the decision to "break the cycle" of girls becoming conditioned at a young age into thinking they "need" to have silky straight hair to feel beautiful. April began doing research on hair health, and made the decision to transition back to natural hair with her daughter. April wanted to show Tiyonah that textured, or kinky hair can be just as beautiful and versatile. So together they embarked on a journey back to embracing their natural hair. Together they decided that they would focus on hair health while on their new hair journey. 

April began researching ingredients, and realized that a lot of products marketed for "natural hair care" were full of harsh chemicals that were bad for our hair. On top of that, Tiyonah has always been sensitive to strong fragrances, which caused her scalp to itch and become irritated. By researching essential oils, butters, humectants, emollients, and vitamins; April created her first product - Whip in the Moisture. The thought of selling, or marketing the product never crossed her mind. Whip in the Moisture didn't even have a "name" at the time. It was just a whipped shea butter, infused with essential oils that promoted healthy hair growth while moisturizing our hair. 

In 2012, while talking to her Grandmother, she began telling her about the product she used on both her and Tiyonah's hair. April's Grandmother suggested that she sell it to other naturals. She also gave April ideas for other products to create. That would unfortunately end up being the last conversation they would ever have. April began doing more research and created more products. In doing so, she realized that all she needed was a combination of 10 key ingredients to ensure that our hair was soft, manageable, and properly moisturized. Hence the name, A Perfect 10 (thought of by her best friend Alza). A for her name (April), and the "Perfect" blend of 10 ingredients or less! She then launched her product line as a birthday gift to herself, and in honor of her Grandmother in April of 2013. Hopefully April's products have lived up to her grandmother's expectations.

From the success of her products, April decided to revisit her dream of one day owning her own hair salon. Since healthy natural hair was already her focus, She decided that she wanted to open a salon that specifically catered to clients with natural hair. April wanted to focus on healthy hair care, and help her clients create healthy hair regimens.